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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

KICKSTARTER for Mose Jones - Lost / Found Project

KICKSTARTER funding campaign for 70's/80's Southern Rock band MOSE JONES!

Steve McRay and Marvin Taylor, former members of the Southern Rock band Mose Jones, have introduced their Kickstarter campaign to release their never released 1980's RCA album - a project they named "Lost / Found"!

The way Kickstarter works it's funding campaign, which this one runs from Aug 31 to Sept 30 2013, is an "All or Nothing" campaign. If you don't reach your funding goal, you get nothing and everyone keeps their pledges. If you do reach or even surpass your goal, the pledges turn into contributions and the project is a funded success.

Our band Mose Jones' last RCA album was never released by the record company. The tapes were put in storage or destroyed, we never knew. 30+ years later, I answered a phone and was asked if I wanted to come pick up some 2" tapes with my name and the band's name marked on them...I went and picked up about 10 tapes, with 6 of them being Mose Jones last unreleased album project.

After our Mose Jones alumni and friend Bryan Cole passed away in December of 2012, I felt compelled to find out what was on these tapes and if the music had survived the years of storage. I called around and found a studio that had a 24 2" tape machine where I could transfer the tapes to digital format. But first, I had to have the tapes "baked" or "cooked" as is known in the trade.

Tape disintegrates over time and the residue comes apart from the tape, so baking them temporarily adheres the tape so they can play successfully on a machine without producing sludge and gumming up the tape heads -which means you would get nothing off the tape.

So the baking was a success, after a couple failed attempts, and the transfers were a success as well! What we retrieved off the tapes was some amazing music and sounds! It was our last recordings in all their analog, now digital, splendor!

The only justice at this point was to finance this project, so we chose KICKSTARTER and we set our goal at $5000. We could use more money, but we would like to make sure we reach our goal.

For more information, go to our KICKSTARTER site! Also, visit our Mose Jones web site for history of the band. 

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