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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Band X plays Festivals - Food, Arts, Music, Holiday, Season

There are many festivals of all types held throughout the year, all over the US...and the world for that matter.

 - Food Festivals, Wine and Food Festivals, Music Festivals, Dogwood Festivals, Flower Festivals, Holiday Festivals, Arts Festivals, Beer Festivals, Culture and Folk Festivals, Film Festivals, Nature and Earth Festivals, Seasonal Festivals, and many more...!

Most of these festivals are based around food, music, art, and beverage - some festivals are sponsored by the local towns, cities, organizations, while others are sponsored by fund raising organizations to promote and raise money for their particular charity. Entertainment for all types of festivals is a big priority.

Music is a strong factor and sets the tone and proper atmosphere for all of these events...

Band X, being one the best party bands and variety bands across the US, provides the best live entertainment for any outdoor festival in all towns, cities, and local areas!

 Many good bands perform for festivals - but BAND X stands out from all the rest!
Information can be viewed at http://www.bandxlive.com


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bryan Cole Benefit August 19 2012

The "Java Monkey" band cranked the day of music off at 3:00 - playing for the Bryan Cole and Lisa Cole Benefit at Tavern 99 in Buckhead-Atlanta Ga., on Aug 19 2012.

All bands and musicians had a strong connection with Bryan and donated their time for the event to raise money...Bryan went through another open heart surgery (July 16) to repair his aorta, this follows many procedures and operations following his original 2001 aorta rupture and 4 operations to save his life...each time he's come through the events with enough flying colors to still be with us today!!