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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Big Coffee Blog: Mose Jones - 70's Southern Rock band

Big Coffee Blog: Mose Jones - 70's Southern Rock band: Big Coffee Records released a CD from a once thought "lost" live recording - Mose Jones "Live at Richard's - Atlanta, GA. 1974" The live s...

Mose Jones - 70's Southern Rock band

Big Coffee Records released a CD from a once thought "lost" live recording - Mose Jones "Live at Richard's - Atlanta, GA. 1974"

The live show was recorded by Sam's Tape Truck, and was a simulcast with an  Atlanta FM Radio stations broadcast...the tape was found (in 2008), baked, transferred to digital (ProTools), then mastered and released by two of the original members of the band, Bryan Cole and Steve McRay...Two of the members of this band have passed, Jimmy O'Neill and Randy Lewis...this project is dedicated to their memory, as well as to the memory of the original Mose Jones band!

For more information, please visit the Mose Jones web site. There is also a Remembering Mose Jones FaceBook page, please check it out and "LIKE" it!

The CD is available at Big Coffee Records - CD Baby - Amazon - iTunes  , and more...! Please check it out!

Band X - Atlanta Party Band

I'm playing (keyboards & vocals) with Band X - a high-energy and dynamic Party/Event/Wedding band based out of Atlanta, GA (we travel all over the country - by either car, tour bus, or air) - designed for entertaining at special events, casinos, corporate functions and so much more...we cover songs from the 60's and 70's right up to current songs being played today, and everything in between...70's and 80's party songs, disco, funk, etc., 80's big-hair rock, 90's and 2000's hits and dance music...just a huge variety appealing to any audience or event that Band X is performing in front...this band makes the party rock and the dance floor over-flow!

Band X is designed around a 6 piece core group (guitar/sax, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion with 4 male vocalist) and expands up to a full 10 piece group with 3 dynamic and beautiful female vocalist/dancers, as well as an added guitar player...this is a full stage wall-of-sound, with dancing, stage lighting, high quality sound system, audience participation...it is quite a party and, quite a show!!

For all information, queries, and current videos, please visit the Band X web site http://www.bandxlive.com

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sonar Home Studio with RME audio - Steve McRay Music

Steve McRay Music - Working in my home studio - I use Cakewalk's Sonar software with a RME Babyface audio interface - many nice plug-ins with this system...great sound.

Monday, February 6, 2012

SuperBowl - Giants Win - Kelly Clarkson - Madonna

I have to say, that was one of the better Superbowl games I've seen, two good teams taking it down to the wire...Kelly Clarkson did great "live" rendition of our National Anthem, what little over singing she did, it was kept in control, nice voice and I'm happy she's doing well...Madonna was entertaining, she can still pull off most of her moves - when you have 1000 people in your act it makes it easier to be impressive...like one of those old epic gladiator movies, with 5000 people in every camera shot, hard not to be entertained...not sure which commercial was the best though...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Insight into Big Coffee Blog

Steve McRay -

This collage gives insight into who I am....I am a musician, first and foremost: Piano, Hammond B3 (still have 2), synths and modules, still have an old Wurlitzer electric B200, a Vocalist...plus a songwriter, although my lyrical skills always give me trouble, and a composer. As a songwriter and composer, I'm now spending my time trying to release these songs and compositions, on the indie record label we created, Big Coffee Records, as well as CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and all the rest....

I've recorded, toured, and played with many well known artists (more on this later) and traveled all through-out the US and around the world (Europe, Asia, Australia). I enjoy music, coffee, traveling, good food and many different cuisines, snow skiing, the mountains, the beach and the water, and many other things...

And stories....interesting and colorful stories; things that happen behind the scenes - while traveling, in the studio, on stage, before or after the gig,...these are the stories that need to be told. The public generally sees artists and musicians on the stage or they hear their music, and from their view everything looks pretty normal and sometimes pretty exciting - it's never really normal, let me tell you...things happen before, after and even onstage that can make for colorful conversation, and later...some pretty good and sometimes funny stories.

("Elvis has left the building"...well, where did Elvis go and what happened to him next...? We know some of what he did, but there's even more to his and others stories that haven't been told...)

My hope is, other musicians will share their happenings and stories here as well! My bet....well, I bet we'll hear some pretty good stories. (please keep your comments and stories PG14 rated, so everyone can get a chance to see them...otherwise, I'll have to edit or remove them, thanks!!)

One last point, I'm creating this blog based on my interest - not only in music, but coffee (I do like Starbucks...I grind my own beans and maybe one day I'll get into roasting, who knows), traveling (I really love seeing new places and getting into and enjoying the culture of that place, foreign or domestic), food (anything and everything)...you know, these are my interest....just share your thoughts and experiences here on this blog! Tell your stories....And have fun!!

Steve (MacJava)

Friday, February 3, 2012

State of Music today

All packaging and little substance....I watched a movie that was based on the music biz in the 60-70's the other night, and the record company told this singer "we already have someone like you on our roster, you need to be different and find your own style"...hahaha, can you believe that? These days, if you DONT sound like the last big hit, they don't want you, they're so shallow they wouldn't know how to market something different. Music is so homogenized today...used to be all about the song and the performance and the lyrics and the feel - when have you heard that lately. There's some good music and some fun music out there today, but by a whole different set of standards...(my 2 cents).